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    Real Time Scan makes some applications extremely slow to start

      I have a problem with McAfee Real Time Scan making some of my applications extremely slow to start - I'm talking several minutes. These appear to include anything built with MS Visual Studio using Windows Forms. This started about the time of the last McAfee update and seems to be getting worse. I went on McAfee tech support online chat (the application for which ironically was also extremely slow and timed out until I turned off Real Time Scanning) and the tech said I have to remove and reinstall McAfee. This is a time-consuming process which leaves my computer unprotected for several minutes at least, so I'm reluctant to do it without knowing if it realistically can be expected to resolve the problem. Can someone tell me why McAfee is blocking certain programs and how reinstalling will help? If not I prefer to put up with it for now and hope a new update fixes the problem.


      There really, really needs to be a way to exclude files and or folders from scanning, but I understand customers have been requesting this for years and McAfee hasn't done it. Why?