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    McAfee deactivating issue

      Hi All,


      First off I'll apologize in advance if I'm in the wrong section, and if I am please point me in the right direction. I created this profile and joined the community because I have a deactivation issue that I can seem to fix on my own.


      I bought two McAfee licenses, one for my PC and one for my fiance's (We both have Acer netbooks, using Win7). Recently I decided to "recover" both computers back to their factory settings so I could get some of the garbage off both of them. Well, I didn't uninstall McAfee properly (because I was unaware there was a proper process), I just wiped both computers. When I tried to install McAfee again I successfully installed my fiance's with no issues, mine on the other hand is giving me a hard time.


      When I log into my account it shows I have two licenses available, both in use. I deactivate the one that shows up as my old PC and it tells me I now have one in use and another available. So I download McAfee using the available license an after about 10 minutes of working fine it alerts me that it will expire in seven days. I click on the reactivate button and it tells me that its reactivated, however even after giving it some time, it still says it will deactivate.


      So, I uninstall from the control panel and use the McAfee removal tool, reboot and download again... same issue. I even renamed my computer thinking that was the issue, didn't fix it. Has anyone had this problem/found a solution to it? I appreciate your time.