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    Recent update is saying my computer is at risk - help

      mcaffee error 2.png This has happened to me before but I can't remember how it got fixed.


      I had a recent windows update and a McAfee update after that. Now my McAfee is only recognizing an old subscription. I am told that my firewall is down and my subscription is inactive. Yet when I come here and look, I am only using 2 out of 3 of my subscriptions AND they are not up for renewal until October.


      From what I can tell my firewall is on (my computer says that windows firewall is on and being directed by McAfee). I have rebooted multiple times and this has been going on for days. I put a call into McAfee no response other than we got your error and to respond to this email. No information about WHEN or IF they will help me. I am beginning to think it's time for a new software. I have always liked McAfee, but this kind of problem happens 1 or more times a year. Ridiculous.


      mcafee error1.png


      Anybody know what I can do to fix this?

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          Actually better to call them support is free.


          that said you have 1 or two other PCs on the licence correct? Is 1 or the 2 licences for this PC?

          If so follow this FAQ of call Mcafee and get them to move the PC back to the good account.



          I really wonder if better initially to uninstall mcafee and reinstall from the account but that is why I would prefer Mcafee support to carry out the fix.

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            Well, this is interesting. It's happened to me as well. Doing a defrag, and suddenly up pops the "Your Computer is at risk" box.

            Your Computer is at risk popup.JPG


            I bring up Security Center, and it says :


            Renew your suscription (1).JPG


            ... and all the options are greyed out and unusable.


            Now, as I already said in the post in the MVT thread where I had a "Product Expired" message, my subscription is tied to my O2 account, and does not need renewing, at least not by me. So, I clicked "Check for updates" and off it went to check. And then, without explanation, suddenly it's all Green again.


            Check for updates - Green again.JPG


            There's a bug here, let's not mince words. McAfee is misreporting my subscription status, and I'm not alone in seeing this. I suspect it's linked to the ongoing mcsync problem, but I can't see the connection.


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              I am running Total Protection on 5 PC's. Somehow, old EXPIRED versions of McAfee are reinstalling on some of these PC's.  I just had to reinstall Total Protection on my PC because Security Center reinstalled itself last night.  Now, at one point in time, I really did have that version installed, but we're talking almost a year in the past.


              Two days ago, I had the exact same thing happen on a different PC.


              What's up????

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                Something's gone haywire. There's a conference call on Monday, and if the McAfee team don't already know about this then the mods are going to make sure they know all about it before the call's over. The techs will probably call for logs and go through all the usual stuff about uninstall and re-install, but none of that should be necessary.


                We don't know what the cause is but it's got to be fixed, and fast.


                Edit - Looking at the original post, the symptoms aren't what I saw, but I believe the underlying cause is probably the same.


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                  My question posed last week:


                  Every month, at the time of Patch Tuesday, after Windows XP automatic updates are installed, McAfee produces message to say that my computer is at risk and that I need to renew my  subscription (expires Spring 2013). Easily fixed by using McAfee Subs Fix Tool, signing in, choosing my subscription then restarting PC. But it is not always convenient to do this palaver - and it shouldn't be necessary. Anyone have any idea why this should be happening? Thanks in anticipation.  


                  has much the same scenario as that of bluegremlin but the problem is only arising on one of the three PCs covered by the licence. Just wondered if it could be to do with purchasing and starting to use new licence before the previous one had completely expired; i.e. new licence (under same account) rather than a renewal. Just an idea. Really needs sorting soon.

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                    I wonder that myself.


                    When I go into my account I have 9 licenses listed, 3 from 2010, 3 from 2011 and 3 from 2012 and I have NO way to remove the old licenses.


                    Something as simple as removing those from my account when it goes to check would be helpful. What McAfee is doing is going to the expired ones first instead of looking at the active ones.


                    None of these were purchased as a renew which may be the issue.


                    And STILL no help from McAfee support. They are always unavailable or have wait times of 30 min or longer.

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                      I had this one happen in the last few months as well, but was able to clear it.


                      The current issue will not clear and the Activate button does not work at all and all other features are grayed out. So basically the McAfee console is totally useles. I can't do anything. I believe it is somehow linked to whatever the most recent windows update was that I got last week baased on the timing.

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                        Thanks for the lnk to the FAQ, I did look through it. Unfortunately it requires being able to use the McAfee control panel and nothing in it will work for me except the check subscriptions.

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                          Two ways to fix the recent subscription issue

                          download Site advisor 227 build and reboot



                          or  run

                          http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/Mcpreinstall.e xe

                          That will delete all internet temp files and reset IE but it will work as well. Your choice which 1.


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