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    SG580 does not allow connection to https site


      dear all,

      i am struggling with a weird issue whole the week. 4 of my office computers suddenly stopped to open one specific web site https://www.it4profit.com/login/logon.jsp?REFPAGE=%2Fpurchasing%2Fso_index.jsp .All computers incl these 4 are connected in a domain environment behind the SG580 unit. Affected computers can open other https sites  https://bankofamerica.com or https://google.com . Hosts files are OK, no malware or trojan software was found on these machines. Removing from the domain did not solve the issue . Disabling  the antivirus and firewall protection also did not help. Other interesting fact- affected machines can open this site for 3-5min , then suddenly stop again. Access control features are disabled on the UMT.

      After connecting these machines before the UMT using its real IP address then everything works just FINE.


      Can you help me with any ideas?

      Thanks in advanced


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