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    HIPS 7.0 Firewall Rules not pulling down



      I have a test group where I am testing the deployment of HBSS on Windows 7 x64 Enterprise.


      I have a Test_Workstation policy where I have built the firewall rules for these specific boxes, and now I am looking at enabeling the firewall and going full up and see if I missed anything in the process.


      The issue I have is that the policy doesn't seem to be taking. If I pull up the McAfee HIPs window on the client and look at the firewall tab it still shows my firewall as not being enabled (no check mark there), and NONE of the rules I created in the test Test_Workstation policy seem to going to the clients.


      Do you have any ideas on this one? So far neither of the two boxes will pull down the firewall policy I created. I've checked the inheritance and what not and that all looks fine. I've also reinstalled HIPS on the clients thinking that it might be an issue with the install. Still nothing.