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    MOVE Scheduler: Is it possible to configure different on-demand scan exclusions for 'x' VMs running on same hypervisor?




      When using MOVE scheduler, as the on-demand scan configuration to be used is applied to the hypervisor I cannot see any way of having different on-demand exclusion configurations for different VMs hosted on that hypervisor.  I appreciate that the documentation advises "McAfee recommends you keep System Tree organization matching your server and hypervisor organization. Group endpoint virtual machines by hypervisor, and group hypervisors by server", however when VMotion is thrown into the mix, this suggested grouping can become unfeasible.


      Could it be confirmed that my understanding is correct, ie there is no way of having different on-demand scan policies for VMs running on the same hypervisor?


      Could it also be confirmed if there is anything in the current product roadmap that would enable this?