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    [6.7.2] failed: restore system config returned failure

      Hi Guys,


      I'm trying to retore a backup on my Email Gateway Appliance on version 6.7.2. But it is showed the follow error:


      RESTORE:07122012 13:58:19:Current: product <IM> version <6.7> patchlevel <2> build <12319>

      RESTORE:07122012 13:58:19:Backup: product <IM> version <6.7> patchlevel <2> build <13975>

      RESTORE:07122012 13:58:19:Compatible legacy build numbers: <>

      RESTORE:07122012 13:58:19:Versions are not compatible

      RESTORE:07122012 13:58:19:Compatibility check failed.


      I double check the Software version and Hotfix, and both (Old appliance and New appliance) are on the same version.

      Does anyone knows What what means the build number?


      PS: The only difference between the box, is the date of Hotfix on Update/Hotfix. As you see on the Attach file.


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