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    Runtime error msaconfig.exe

      When trying to install McAfee framework v 4.0 with EPO 4.0 and Mcafee client 8.5i.
      I get the following error:

      Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
      Runtime error
      Program: C:\Progrma Files\Mcafee\common Framework\msaconfig.exe
      Abnormal program termination.

      Also there's an error that pops up at log on:
      UdaterUI.exe-unable to locate DLL
      The dynamic link library NaiSign.DLL could not be found in the spcified path
      C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework
      C\program files\dell\openmanage\array manage
      C:\Program Files\Common Framework\Netowrk Associates\VirunScan engine\4.0.xx

      Has anyone seen this before?