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    All my Cdrive files are in Recycle bin now

      In the past few days i kept reveiving the message that McAfee has detected a Trojan and has been removed. No further actionn required. Well, i downloaded the Anti Malware bytes and ran it two nights ago and it removes two trojan files.


      Today i got the same message from McAfee so i ran the antimalwarebytes again. I then left my laptop for a while and when i got back the screen was full with the write error message pop ups that took a long time to delete. Also i got the same S.M.A.R.T. REpair window that van't be closed like one other window that was asking me to update my Adobe Flash and couldn't be closed.


      I also keep getting ths Data Error Reading Drive C: and the TP 2012 could not be turned ON.


      Very frustrated.


      Any pointer to where can i find the solution?


      Thank you.



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