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    Shredder tool freezing

      I've just recently upgraded my BT package to Option 3, which allowed me to download the McAfee Security package.


      Unfortunately, when I run the shredder program it freezes at  53%    (Anti-Phishing)


      I've just recently re-formatted my hard drive, so it's unlikely to be any adware/malware. 


      I vaguely remember reading somewhere about  there being a bug in the McAfee software.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Can you tell me the version number of McAfee QuickClean and Shredder from About Box of your McAfee Security Package?

          Also what option did you choose when you ran shredder?

          Was it Recycle bin, Temporary files or Let me Choose and type you  choose to Shred from the drop down box?


          Where are you getting (Anti-Phishing)?


          Let me know.

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            I am using McAfee Security Centre  version 11.0  build 11.0.678,  McAfee Virus scan version 15.0  build 15.0.302.


            When I selected Shredder and option "Comprehensive", the shredder ran to 53% and then froze. Message said "shredding in progress" with "Anti-phishing" in brackets.


            Strangely enough, I ran the shredder today again and it went to 50% with the same message "shredding in progress" and "favicon(2).icd" in brackets.


            I have also tried differnt shredding options, basic, safe, comprehensive and complete and got the same 'freezing' results.




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              I think the file favicon(2).icd is taking time.

              Looks to me that you are shredding Temporary internet files or Recycle Bin.


              Can you check the size of the above file and remove it manually to other location and then run shredder so we can isolate the problem.

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                Sorry, it appears the file is actually favicon(2).ico


                i have ran a full search of my computer and the item does not appear exist on my computer.


                It looks like the Shredder is picking up file fragments.


                It's no big deal anyway. I've been using computers for 20 years without McAfee Shredder. I'll just go back to using the built-in temporary internet file remover on Windows 7, or I may


                go back to using ccleaner. ( It's not as if I've got any state secrets stored on my computer!)   


                Thanks for your help anyway. It was appreciated!