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    Query of systems in EPO


      We have a particular group of systems of which about 75% are unmanaged, and  25 % are managed.   Of the managed systems most (80% or more) are current with DAT and communications.  However this tends to imply that 80% overall are current, which is incorrect.


      We would like a query showing system compliance of the group as a whole, so that compliancy is the criteria and not managerd or unmanaged.  How do I create a query that shows all systems combined (managed and unmanaged for the particular group) but shows the compliancy as a percentager of the whole?


      Example:  In a particulare group, we have 2000 systems of which 25% or 500 units are managed.  Of the 500 managed systems, 80% (or 400unit) have current DAT files and have communicated within our criteria period (normally 7 days).  So I want a graphic dashboard query showing that 400 of 2000 (or only 20%) are current.


      Each time I do any of these queries they only show managed or unmanaged and it shows the percentage of each group, not an overall percentage.


      Please advise.


      P.S.  Our AD synchronizes nightly and thus the number of unmanaged systems reflected in EPO is always relative accurate, but we want to demonstrate that of our approximately 2000 systems the vast majority are not necessarily protected with current signature (DAT) files.  This query once working correctly can be used to induce getting systems managed.


      Thanks for anyone's assistance.