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    Found dbjmaay.exe - but what do I do with it?

      My computer is infected with a Scour re-direct malware which so far I've been unable to remove. I ran GetSusp to see what it would find and it flagged a file called dbjmaay.exe as a Trojan. So, at this point :


      1) I don't know if dbjmaay.exe = Scour malware

      2) can't find any information anywhere on dbjmaay.exe (a Google search returned zero results)

      3) am unsure if I actually need to get rid of dbjmaay.exe

      4) Can't get rid Scour re-direct malware

      5) Am very frustrated at the amout of personal time I am having to spend to clean up my PC

      6) Am very frustrated with the support I am receiving from McAfee on getting rid of the malware (what the heck am I paying for?).


      If anyone reading this has any suggestions, I am all ears. Thank you.