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    Installation of ePO 4.6 Patch3 failed




      i've triede to install patch3 on our ePo.


      After the loginprompt of the sql credentials the installer canceled the installation.


      I looked up the logs and the failures are


      from EPO460-Error.Ini

      FAILURE: Unable to connect to the SQL server while running the SQL command.


      from EPO460-CommonSetup.Log

      20120711111550 SQL::connect to server xxxxxxxxxx

      20120711111550 Testing SQL Authentication to SQL Server.

      20120711111550 Connection to server successful.

      20120711111550 Query Result = [1]

      20120711111550 The Nested Trigger value is set to [1].

      20120711111550 Exiting GetNestedTriggerValue with return code: 0

      20120711111551 String detected as needing ANT Conversion removal.

      20120711111551 Entered GetServerInfo function.

      20120711111551 Calculating the DataSource for your SQL server.

      20120711111551 UDP port is enabled so using standard DataSource convention.

      DataSource used: [xxxxxxxxx\MSSQLSERVER]

      20120711111551 Setting connection string DataSource to xxxxxxxxxx\MSSQLSERVER].

      20120711111551 Connection string set for SQL Authentication database connection.

      20120711111551 SQL::connect to server xxxxxxxxxx\MSSQLSERVER

      20120711111551 Testing SQL Authentication to SQL Server.

      20120711111606 Failed to connect to SQL Server [xxxxxxxxxx\MSSQLSERVER] with error code [0x80004005]

      20120711111606 Description for error code is [[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (ParseConnectParams()).]Ungültige Verbindung.]

      20120711111606 Failed in connectToSQLServer with error code [0].

      20120711111606 Exiting GetServerInfo with return code: 2







      PS: the logfiles are attached


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