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    Some workstations downloading full DAT instead of incremental

      I'm currently using ePO Server 3.6.1 Patch 4 with workstations using MA, VSE 8.5i P5. On a small number of workstations, the AutoUpdate task will always download and install the full DAT (avvdat-5xxx.zip) instead of the incremental GEM files. I have the task repeating every two hours and it downloads and installs the full DAT every time so it also isn't detecting that the DATs are up to date. This is causing some noticeable bandwidth spikes as the full DATs are around 60MB+ rather than a few hundred KB. The workstations that are updating properly have the same versions of software and are pointing to the same update repository. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the McAfee Agent, but the issue persists.

      Has anyone heard of this?