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    Configuring an ePO 4.5 SQL policy



      I need to create a SQL policy for my SQL servers... Just wanted an idea about how to go about this as i can't find any write up on good practice for SQL servers for ePO.


      Here is what i was thinking of doing, i am installing VSE 8.8 so i want to ahve the policy in place before i install.


      Under "On-Access Default Process Policies" choose processes tab and make sure its set to "settings for: Server" then choose "configure different scanning policies for high risk, low risk and default processes" Save this.


      Then change to "On-Access Low-Risk Policies" make sure its set to server then under the "low Risk Processes" tab add the following processes:





      Then change to the "Scan items" tab and uncheck everything except "Detect unwanted programs" (this way i figure it won't scan these processes at all.


      Does this sound correct so far..


      Another thing i need to know is can i exclude certain file types that i do not want to be scanned on the SQL server...? These filetypes are:










      Or do i have to add the folder locations of where these filetypes are in order to exclude them?


      Thanks for your time.