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    McAfee Anti-virus program hijacked?

      When I click on the "on demand scan" item in the quickscan mcAfee icon,
      usully it just goes through the scan. Today, all of a sudden I got this message:
      "C:\Program Files(x86)\McAfee\VirusScan Enterprise\scan32.exe"
      I never had this message before. What is happening?

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          ...  where can I find support for this issue?  I have not been able to get "on demand scan" to work for some time now (Error, "C:\Program Files|McAfee|VirusScan Enterprise|scan32.exe /edit), among other issues (google re-directs)...

          Thank you.



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            You should check that the file scan32 is at the location shown.

            If not, something happened to corrupt or modify your installation of VirusScan.


            If it is, then the executable itself may be corrupted.

            Try invoking the command yourself, manually. It should open the window that you are familiar with for running OnDemand Scan.