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    McAfee Web API perl module


      For anyone whom is interested I have taken the python module McAfee provides and translated into the Perl scripting language. I have tried to make the workings of the perl module as close to the python version as possible. In instances where this is impossible I have taken liberties. 


      The most notable examples is the use of periods in the method names. The period is the contatenation operator in perl. So, I use the _ in place of the period. Another example is the mixed use of positional and named parameters with in python. I had issues with this and chose to implement parameters in a key => value format.




      The documentation for the python module provided by McAfee is still relevant. The documentation for this module is in pod format within the perl module. If their are any questions or improvements please share. I will answer as best as I am able too.





      the JSON module will convert JSON directly into Perl data structure. All values returned to the calling script will be references to the perl data structures.


      this portion of the JSON documentation can give you a good idea of what to expect as return values.

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          This is a bit late, but are you still knowledgeable on this module? I am trying to get it working to automate some metrics in our environment and am having issues getting this module installed properly. Do you have any tips on how I can get this installed so I can use it? This is definitely my preferred language over Python.

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            I will be presenting "Making the ePO Web API Work for You" at FOCUS15 this October.  Although I do not use your module extensively,  I want to give at least a few screenshots about how to use your McAfee.pm module for those who may have an interest.  I would like to get your permission to do this, so if you don't mind please reply back to this comment with your approval or denial.



            Marty Brownfield

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