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    McAfee Refund

      After over 1 hour on the phone and on chat with McAfee today in regards to misinformation about being able to have Total Protection on my iPhone, I was given a random email address of where to send all of my contact information to get a refund. Can anyone confirm that this is right? (Was expecting ******@McAfee.com and instead it is something else.) Has anyone else been given a random email address?

      Thank you

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          You'd have to ask Customer Service again to verify it as we have no access to their information here, but is the email given something like that shown here?


          http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=CS41481&lang=en_US&prior_tid=2&Ans werID=16777218&turl==http%3A%2F%2Fkb.mcafee.com%2Finfocenter%2Findex%3Fpage%3Dco ntent%26id%3DCS41481%26actp%3Dsearch%26viewlocale%3Den_US


          To speak with a Customer Service representative, call us at 866-622-3911.


          Average contact length: 10  minutes

          Estimated wait time: 5-10 minutes

          Hours of Operation: Available daily, 6am-6pm Pacific

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            Also, the last customer service rep said that it takes 3 weeks to get a refund via email.

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              Thanks-I think they must have forgotten to send that document/information.

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                I have no idea about that sorry.

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                  confirming_cs_info wrote:


                  Thanks-I think they must have forgotten to send that document/information.

                  I'm not even sure that one is about your situation though so I would give them another call.    All they have to do is look up your account and authorize the refund, why it should take so long is beyond me.

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                    Not sure if I can handle further contact today. 61 minutes on the phone and 25 minutes in chat conversation for a pretty basic situation. (Cannot believe that I would be the first person who purchased McAfee under impression that I could use it for an iPhone.) Today must have been an off-day with their support team. Thanks for sending that document-they probably meant to send me that one, but sent an international form instead.

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                      Well the product pages are fairly clear on what they cover (see the System Requirements tab) or so I think, so it could be that they rarely get that query.  From what I read all that's available for iOS is what's available through the Apple App Store.


                      You must have mis-read something I guess.


                      Phoning them is usually the fastest method..   You don't need to tell them what you needed it for, just that you bought a product and now don't want it.  However it may be complicated by how long ago you purchased it and how you paid for it I suppose.


                      Also if you did in fact purchase through the App Store then refunds have to come from Apple.

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                        By the way, I moved this to 'My Account Online' hoping that someone from that department spots it.


                        As far as I know there are no antivirus applications approved by Apple for iOS as they claim that infections can't happen, which of course is nonsense and typical Apple 'stick their heads in the sand' attitude.


                        After all, for years they claimed that MAC's weren't prone to infection and of course they are and there are security suites for them from various makers, including McAfee.


                        I just checked on my iPad2 and there are only a limited number of McAfee Apps for the iPhone, Wavesecure being the only one vaguely resembling protection software but it's mainly a backup utility, something you already have in iTunes.


                        The Search gave me nothing in the way of alternative antivirus applications.


                        McAfee brass told me a while back that they and other makers, Norton etc, had approached Apple wanting to design security software for the iOS and they were rebuffed.








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