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    Centos 6.2 KVM host with VM running Win7 with Mcafee Endpoint Encryption



      I have a HP dl380g7 server running Centos 6.2 with KVM. The guest is a Win7 VM with MEE 6.0 on it. I get a black screen upon boot up. I have an older server running the same thing Centos 6.2 host with Win 7 MEE and it boots perfectly fine with the mcafee login. The only thing I can think of right now is the HP hardware or BIOS between the two systems. Can anyone provide any insight on a solution to this problem? I also created just a VM with the EEtech disk and get the same problem (Black Screen upon boot up).






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          I was able to figure out the problem. After testing three types of servers/workstation, I was able to figure out what the issue is. It is a combination of both hardware and software. The older Intel-V technology used in PCs made in 2009 seem to work with Centos 6.x/KVM with a guest running Mcafee endpoint encryption(MEE). Newer Intel-V technology will give you a black screen when running MEE on a windows 7 guest and having Centos 6.x/KVM as the host.  Here is the workaround. You need to use the elrepo repository and enable the kernel-ml in /etc/yum/repos.d and use a newer kernel (3.4). KVM has been built into the kernel since 2.6.20 and the kmods are based on the kernel version. Using a newer kernel will allow MEE to come up. I am not sure if  the Centos 6.x  kernel base will ever have MEE working on a guest when the host is Centos 6.x/KVM.