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    Renewal deception and dysfuntion!

           This entire process is labyrinthine and hopeless.   Can anyone help with this matter?   A McAfee pop-up shows up and says that we are not covered on our PC any longer because the account has expired.   I know that it is in force until the end of  November, 2012.   But, stupidly, I renew anyway.....and so now we have coverage until 8 July 2013.   So, we discount the rip-off and the deceptive marketting practices and all the other things that criminal enterprises do at circuses to dupe the stupid.     But now, of course, we have no connection to McAfee showing....whatever.    Is there anything that can be done to recover our lost time in coverage?  Is there anything that can be done to determine if McAfee is functioning?    We are not in the least or in any wise expert in computer matters.
      With gratitude beforehand, we would  appreciate and advice or direction.
      David Christian Newton