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    EPO Server Alerts and Port Blocking Question

      I have two questions.

      Question 1: I am running EPO 4.5 on a Windows 2003 Server. Everything works as intended. However I set up a "Daily Scan" for all the clients that report to the server. The problem is the scan will find literally thousands of "Unwanted Programs" , but when click on the server notifications and look at them they are just Cookies. Is there anyway I can configure something to not alert me when a Cookie is detected\removed from a client?

      Question 2: Same EPO Server as above. One of the clients that report to the above server run What's up Gold 12.4. I had to disable (via policy) the "Prevent Mass Mailing Worm" rule so that WUG could send out email alerts. I know this isnt an ideal fix. What can I do to just allow WUG to send email but block everything else?

      Any help would be appreciated!!