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    Questions about Deploying Evaluation Versions Of VirusScan Enterprise


      Is there a way to deploy VirusSan Enterprise evaluation with definitions already updated so users don't see scary balloon messages on their system saying McAfee is out of date and "must be updated manually" when VSE is initially installed?

      I read that Installation Designer lets you create an installation packages with updates, but I can't find this utility as an evaluation download.  Is there a trial version of this or another way to do deployment with either definitions included or else immediate update at end of deployment?


      Can EPO 4.6.3 be downloaded as a trial version to see the new features and updates?  I can only find 4.6.0 and have already deployed it as a test, but  I don't see any way to update the evaluation version to 4.6.3.

      Does the evaluation include the newest version of the McAfee agent?