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    Agent Event Upload Cannot Communicate with ePO server

      I apologize if this is the incorrect location to post this question as this is my first post and am unfamiliar with the logistics of the forum.  If it is in the wrong place please let me know where I should go to post it correctly.  Here is my scenario:


      I recently deployed a new version of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.5 that took the place of an existing, older version of the ePolicy Orchestrator (Version 4.5 still).  It contained the same IP and hostname information.  I basically shut down the old ePolicy VM and stood up the new one.  Everything works fine from the server perspective but I'm having trouble sending events from the Managed Clients to the ePO server.  The agents were previously managed by the old server and I created brand new keys on the new server and pushed the agents from the new server.


      I'm basically looking for help troubleshooting that communication.  I'm at home right now so I'll have to provide further details...but I've ruled a few things out.  There are no duplicate Agent GUID's and there are no Access Protection or HIPs policies blocking them.  I know it's not much information but I feel like I'm missing something really simple and would appreciate any help you can provide.