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    Mcafee Virusscan Ent terminated unexpectedly

      I have this problem which has persisted through several definition updates.

      I am currently using Virusscan Enterprise and Antispyware Enterprise 8.5.0i (scan engine 5301.4018, DAT 5698.0000 Aug 4 2009). win xp sp3

      Whenever i turn my computer on or reboot, virusscan would load up at start, but then it would terminate unexpectedly (with the msg "mcafee mcshield has terminated unexpectedly. It has done this...." in event viewer event id 7034) while loading other start up programs. When this happens, the computer is basically frozen for about 30 sec or so. Then virusscan would load itself again and the computer is unfrozen.

      If this doesn't happen while loading at startup, it would happen especially when i start internet explorer soon after. I notices that it would do this (terminated and reload itself) for 3-4 times. then i can continue as normall without it terminated and reload.

      I suspect some sort of memory conflict? At any rate, this is not only on one computer, i have this same mcafee virusscan ent installed on 3 different laptops and 2 different desktops and all the same problems. Very annoying as this terminating and reloading of virusscan would delay the use of the computer since like i said before, this terminating and reloading wouldn't stop til it has repeated itself 3-4 times. Very wierd that it would not happened more than 4 times.

      Please help me. I am just about to throw the towel in and change all my computers to another antivir prog.

      Tried 8.7i and still have this same problem.

      Is there anything i can disable or enable to solve this?