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    Issues Setting Up Virusscan 8.8 for the first time:  How to update newly installed clients immediately?


      I have set up a new server and I'm evaluating Virusscan on a few clients as a pilot.

      The server is successfully set up with EPO 4.6 and so far I have deployed the Mcafee agent and VSE88 to one test client.  The server doesn't have VSE installed yet, only EPO.

      The client displays a Windows 7 warning message saying McAfee is out of date and must be updated manually.  I have not tried to update at the client manually because I don't want the users to have to take any action when we are ready to do a wide rollout.  I'm surprised it doesn't do an automatic check for updates after the install completes.  I need a way to lauch a check for updates from the client when they are first installed or deploy an already updated client.

      The EPO admin guide says Installation Designer can be used to deploy Virusscan with current DAT updates already installed, but I don't have that product and I can't find a link to download an evaluation version of Installation Designer and it isn't  listed as something available to download and check in from Software Manager..

      I cant tell if the ePO server is updated with the latest DAT files saved somewhere ready to distribute.  How can I download the client update files to the EPO server and then distribute those updates files to the new clients?


      on 7/5/12 5:01:47 PM CDT