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    Local Network Adaptor Problems after Mcafee Update - corrupts internet connection

      Hello, I am running Windows Vista with a wired modem and Safari as a browser.


      I noticed that last time I installed an update for Mcafee, I would get an error message that says, you are not connected to the internet.  Then it would prompt me to diagnose.

      After resettin the local network adaptor, it would work.  This happened every time I started up the computer.  Yesterday, It installed the latest version of Mcafee and it did the same thing,

      only this time, resetting did not fix it, nor did trying to find the latest soffware for the adaptor.  The only thing that fixed it was to turn off the computer and unplug the moden.  I am worried that

      next time I got to log on, I will have to do the same process.  How can I fix this?