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    McAfee Anti Virus cannot download updates

      Hi All,


      Last night, just after login into my laptop running Win 7 HP 64 and was checking my gmail when McAfee AV popped up saying it cannot check for updates. MS Action Center also had a red cross. Upon checking the Action Center, it is asking me to allow the McAfee agent and updater permissions to run. I granted both of them permissions, however, now when I try to force an update, it successfully checks for the update but 5 seconds into the downloading of the updates, if reports that it could not get updates. The Action Center also popped up saying I now do not have protection. The McAfee window's green banner also became red and there was a red cross on its System Tray icon.


      I uninstalled the AV, rebooted and installed a fresh copy. The installer had no problems downloading the latest software and updates during the installation process. After it was installed, I tried another forced update with the same result, however, this time, the Action Center did not report anything and the McAfee banner remained green and no red cross on its System Tray icon as well.


      Anyone know what is going on? Also, I was successful in performing an update on my wife's laptop running the same version of OS and McAfee AV.




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