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    Web Navigation with OpenLDAP authentication



      I'm working on a scenario where users have an MEF V8.2.1 as default Gateway. I configured Active Passport authentication with OpenLDAP Authenticator. The "Internet Services" ACL was configured to allow "internet" group to navigate and "internet" group was defined as external group. When I test the navigation a windows login appears and user is successfully authenticated then an Access Denied page is shown due to policy reasons. By checking the "Manage Passport" I see the name of the authenticated user and in the External Group field a number zero is shown.


      I conclude that for some reason the MEF is not retrieving group attribute information from OpenLDAP server and the Internet Services ACL is not matched and finally navigation is denied by Deny All ACL.


      Any ideas on how to retrieve the group attribute from OpenLDAP Server?


      Here I attach an screenshot from the Manage Passports windows