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    HIPS and ePO installation

      Hi There,


      I am knew to the Mcafee Community and looking for some help.


      I have been tasked to install Mcafee HIPS within ePO, Is there any documentation that cover this?


      Also is there any documentation that shows you how to configure specifics with HIPS.


      For e.g. my company wants an alert on the desktop if any scripts run. Could somebody let me how i would configure this.





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          Hey Nath,


          Go to the mcafee download site and enter your companies grant number. Once you click into HIPS there is all the documentation you need to install into ePO and setup the basics.


          If you have ePO 4.6 then go to software center on the ePO menu and you can install the required files directly from there + download documentation.