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      Hello Community,


      I am using McAfee Total Protection on a Win 7 Ultimate 64bit with a Intel i5 mobile and 4 GB RAM.


      So far I am happy but about a month ago my Cmputer started to randomly scramble sound, image and mouse movement (everything). I researched it and it turns out that ever time the "scramble" goes down all four threads of my CPU are 100% occupied for a split second by McSvHost.exe


      My Computer is fairly power full, I use it for RAW Converting which regularly takes all CPU still it never managed to take that much so it would scramble anything.


      Has anyone got an idea or a solution?


      The SecurityCenter is Version 11.0 Build 11.0.678


      The Rest of the number are in the attached image as i cant copy&paste from the about window.

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