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    How to change your Password with Mcafee Family Protection

      I have Mcafee Family Protection with my BT Broadband Option 3 contract and had need to change the password.

      Firstly, I checked within the program itself for such an option but could not find one. I then rang Mcafee Support who refused to help me with this and referred me to BT. Once I got through to the correct people in BT, they were able to help me, although it did take them about 10 mins to find the answer. All in all it took a total of maybe two hours to get an answer to my problem. Perhaps I should have contacted BT in the first instance but I did believe that I was going about things on a logical manner. If I have any complaint, it's with Mcafee for a non-intuitive front end to their software, at least in this instance! To change the password, you need to Click on FAMILY SUMMARY within the protection options; your username will then show. If you then click on your username (why you would normally do this, heaven knows!), an option shows up to change your password.