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    My program disappeared!

      I am running McAfee Internet Security Suite, and I connected a USB drive last night. About 95% of the way through scanning it, I cancelled the scan. Since then, the two browsers I use the most, 64-bit IE9 and 32-bit IE9 (default) won't load content on Facebook or Live (Chrome still does); nothing happens when I click on the McAfee icon in the taskbar; when I try to load the interface from the Start menu, I get an empty white rectangle; and when I unsuccessfully attemp to load it, I get a message in the Action Center that my virus protection software isn't running and I can't seem to turn it back on. When I restart my computer, still nothing else works, but the error message does not show up until I try to load the interface again.

      Any idea what's going on? Should I try to uninstall and reinstall from the disc?

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          I think your IE 9 was corrupted which in turn affects the McAfee to get a white screen. Once you fix the IE problem I hope all the issues will be fixed. Please try the following steps and update the same


          • Click on Start > All Programs
          • Search for Accessories under All Programs
          • Click on Accessories and search for Command prompt
          • Make a right click on Command prompt and select Run as Administrator
          • Allow the access if it prompts to continue or Click on Yes
          • Once the DOS Command window Opens type the below dll files to register
          • Regsvr32 jscript.dll and hit ENTER
          • Regsvr32 vbscript.dll and hit ENTER
          • Maje sure you get a message dll registered successfully
          • Close the DOS Command Window
          • Restart the Computer
          • Check you are able to open the McAfee and also check with the IE problem


          Note : The above solution will work for Internet Explorer 8 for sure but for Internet Explorer 9 if the above solution does not fix the issue you need to remove the Internet Explorer 9 update from the Computer.


          Steps to remove IE 9 update :


          • Click on Start  and open Control panel
          • Open uninstall a program
          • In the top left side, click on View installed updates
          • Search for Windows Internet Explorer 9  and select it
          • Click on the uninstall button at the top after selecting windows internet explorer 9
          • Click on yes to remove
          • Restart the computer after you get a prompt
          • After computer restarted check with your issues and update the same
          • You can also reinstall the IE 9 using windows update
          • Update the McAfee if the issue is fixed


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            It is Great ! if your problem is fixed. Thanks,