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    Can't "see additional interfaces on back of 1100F Sidewinder Firewall

      Ok, I'm getting ready to replace some old firewalls (all running and put the configs on 1100F's (they will be running as well).  The old firewalls are a variety of devices, 1100D's, Dell 2650's (think they are called 2150's?  Anyway, can't seem to "see" the additional interfaces on the back of the 1100 F, there appears to be about 10 interfaces but I can only see 4 using "ifconfig" or "cf interfaces".


      I am hoping those additional interfaces match up to existing interfaces on the old firewalls.  Currently, the old interfaces (bge0, bge1, em0, em1) and the new interfaces (bce0, bce1, etc) do not overlap at all which makes it so that I can't just sync up with ha and copy the config that way. (I may have the bg's and bc's swapped, doing this from home, but no biggie).   If necessary I will go back to a bunch of cf commands and then "cf  -f  " the files back onto the new devices but had hoped to ha.  As I understand, my interfaces must match.


      Once done the new 1100F will be able to be an ha pair.


      Anyone know if there is some special way to access the additional ports?



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          I would probably contact support on this one to open a case, but here are a few reasons I can think of why the ports would not show up:


          1) There is no driver support for the NIC. Since you mentioned 70103, this should contain all the necessary drivers.

          2) The nic is malfunctioning or needs to be reseated. I would go ahead and open the appliance and reseat the nic. There are times where it can come loose during shipping.