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    Unable to install antivirus plus

      i have mcafee antivirus plus cd..when i run the setup it downloads latest softwares which takes me around half an hour.but after downloading it gives an eroor saying that none of the features were installed. also the virtual technician is not working. the has happened for 5 times now..what should i do? i formated my computer this time but before i was able to install the same software with no problems on the same pc..pls help..

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          Can you answer a few questions please?


          1. What is your operating system and service pack and are you up to date?

          2.  What are your computer's CPU and RAM and hard drive free space details?

          3.. If you had security software installed previously have you used the appropriate removal tool?

          4.  How old is this Antivirus Plus CD?


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            1. i have windows 7 home premium and i have set it to auto update.

            2. i have core i7cpu 4 gb ram 750 gb hdd

            3. actually i used recovery disc so my entire laptop was formatted.

            4. the cd is around 2 months old..

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              Apart from the fact that you should have Service Pack 1 (SP1) installed, help with that here:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2205 plus Internet explorer 9, whether ot not you use it. I can't think what is wrong.


              The best choice now would be to contact Technical Support by phone or online chat, it's free and linked under Usefgul lINKS AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE.


              However I recommend you install the Service Pack and IE9 and make sure any applicable updates after that are also installed and make sure Flash, Shockwave etc. are up to date (Adobe.com) and Java is also up to date (java.com) as McAfee relies on IE9 regardless of your default browser choice - first before contacting support.