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    ePO Managed task for Scanning Processes/Memory is slowing computers down


      We are in a ePO managed environment. On all our systems, at noon, we schedule a McAfee Scan task which scans for just "Processes" and "Memory".

      This is a daily scan which McAfee recommends in the VirusScan 8.8i best practices guide.


      I have one high profile user, who is complaining that his system becomes unusable during this time. I had him send me the log file and I scan see that the scan on most days only takes about 2 or 3 minutes to run. There a few times each month where is shows 21 minutes or so.


      Does anyone know if there is any settings or recommendations that I can do to help this user. Don't want to disable this task as it is important. The only option that I can see is to have the task set to run no longer than say 5 minutes. anyone have any ideas?