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    EPO Server Migration


      I am trying to determine how to migrate agents and configurations to a new EPO server as there are several issues with the existing install and would like to build a clean install,


      Currently I am running both the frontend and database on the same server running server 2003, MSSQL 2004. I would like to build two new servers both running 2008R2 and one being the database server with the latest supported version of MSSQL. I have seen multiple methods to migrate agents and configurations discussed but I would like to know if anyone has tried the following method,


      Register both servers 4.6 <->4.6

      Transfer the agents using the transfer options

      After a period of time, shutdown the old server and redirect the hostname to the new server


      I have some concerns as to whether or not agents that have not communicated in a while will connect to the new server based on the hostname being pointed to the new server. I also would like to leave the old servers IP alone and just redirect the hostname but disable the EPO services on the old server.


      If anyone has any insight or experience into whether this would work correctly it would be appreciated. I am also evaluating the disaster recovery plan however I do not want to transfer the old data to the new server and this migration method does not appear to be trivial.