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    Anti Spyware 8.7 Testing


      I'm currently evaluating Anti Spyware 8.7 but I'm having great difficulty in actually finding a test that proves it's working.

      Upon contacting my vendor for support (and then also McAfee themselves), I was directed to use the EICAR.PUO file. This does get detected and deleted but it's VirusScan and not Anti Spyware that does the work!

      I've also ran some test Spyware from a website called SPYCAR and again, it's VirusScan that detects and deletes the files and not Anti Spyware (I proved this by running the tests on a machine without Anti Spyware installed).

      Also, from looking at the literature for Anti Spyware, I can't really tell if it actually does anything that VirusScan can't already do, can someone shed any light on this? Or, more importantly, can someone direct me to some tests that proves that Anti Spyware detects and deletes rather than VirusScan?

      Thanks in advance

      I'm running:
      EPO: v4.0
      VirusScan: v8.7i
      Anti Spyware: v8.7i eval
      PC OS: Vista Enterprise SP1