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    DAT not updating...?

      For anyone doubting what I was saying about McAfee updating Anti-Spam and then not auto updating DAT or whatever for hours into the future, here's the screen shot showing it. It's been like this for 2-3 years (or more) through several uninstall/reinstalls, tech help, who knows how many versions of each component, etc. Plus, McAfee reps say this is by design. Almost every time I turn on the computer, Anti-Spam updates and the next update  is just like this, 3-4 hours into the future. Turn it on again, next update is another 3-4 hours into the future and so forth. In other words, it would never auto update unless the computer is left on through the next scheduled update time....not practical. Although the update issue in this thread seems to be closed, I still wanted to show how not having manual update available and working 100% of the time is completely impractical for some of your users.


      McAfee Update.bmpMcAfee Update.bmp

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          Those figures aren't indicating when the next update will definitely happen, only when the software will next poll (look) for updates...if any.   There is no schedule for updates, they happen when they happen.

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            This is an different issue and should probably moved to a different thread so we don't get the two issues confused.  Peter, can I get you to move this?


            Peter is right - that time listed for the next update is for the next update *check*.  The system automatically checks several times a day if there are new updates available and will download any that are available at that time.  If you turn the computer on, do what you need to do e.g. check email, surf your favourite websites etc., and then immediately shut down, it is possible that you won't get the update automatically - which is exactly why we provide the ability to manually check for updates.


            The particular update issue that was originally being discussed in this thread was NOT that both manual and automatic updates were not happening - they were.  From what I read, people were reporting that the DATs were consistently being updated every day, which is what was supposed to happen. 

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              Branched to your own thread.

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                I 100% agree with you that the automatic updating never updates anything except Anti Spam content and manual updating is totally needed.  Even if automatic updating worked, I do not want updates being installed when I do not expect them or when I am busy doing something else on the computer.  Manual updating is the best way to get updates as soon as they are available (for DAT that is usually around 6 P.M. Eastern Time) and to be prepared for any restarts or problems that the update may cause.  McAfee apologists were just trying to deflect blame from McAfee for the fact that McAfee had its manual updating working wrong for almost 2 whole weeks, but for now McAfee has corrected the manual update problem due to us in the forums here complaining about it and diagnosing it ourselves to discover that Site Advisor was the root of the problem (all McAfee's Indians could do was reinstall the program over and over and then claim there was no problem when we knew there was a problem and reinstalling did nothing to help).

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                  The update issue is BACK and boy am I angry.  DAT 6756 (for some reason it says 6756.0000 in my product) came out last night at 11:00 P.M., which is 5 hours later than it should in the Eastern Time zone, and since then the update no longer works properly.  Once again we have the phony downloading, fake installing, and incorrect Updates Installed Successfully message when nothing installs.  I am prepeared to fight on as long as it takes for McAfee to get its junk fixed right and I will continue to complain on these forums and on the telephone about this.