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    Windows Security Center


      since the 14th of July, we do receive an error in Windows Security Center: Virusscan Enterprise is on but is reporting is status to Windows Security Center in a format that is no longer supported. Use the program's automatic updating feature, or contact the program manufacturer for an updated version.

      This should have to do with an updated api for the way an av reports its status to the virusscanner.

      Would there already be an estimated date of arrival of an update for this problem?

      Kind regards

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          Can you give us more information.

          1. What version of McAfee VirusScan is used.
          2. What is the VirusScan patch level.
          3. What is the Operating System being used and what is it's patch level.

          There is a recent article that mentions a new problem with the API in the security center.

          Microsoft Admits API Error On Security Center Warnings


          Last week we reported that Windows was reporting, a couple months early, that some security software was using an expired API to report its status to the Windows Security Center. One reader of the ISC story we linked to stated that he was experiencing it with Panda 2009 and the Windows 7 release candidate.

          Today Sunbelt Software reports that Microsoft has contacted them to explain the problem. The problem is in determining the date as 18 months after an earlier date than they had originally agreed to:

          To: Security Center ISV
          Subject: RE: Windows Security Center Showing "incompatible" notification for AV on Vista SP1

          We have an update:

          We have determined that for full installs of Windows Vista SP1 (not updates) the grace period is actually starting at the time the build was staged for release, not when Windows was actually installed on the end user's computer. In these cases, the grace period is ending on July 14, 2009.

          We have developed a tool to fix this issue on affected machines and are currently testing it. The tool extends the grace period through September. Our plan is to have it available by the end of next week.

          We thank you for your continued patience....

          Windows Security Center Team

          Based on the reader report, it would seem that Windows 7 is also affected. It's not clear if the problem extends to builds after the release candidate.

          I would still wonder why any security software would, this close to the deadline, not have implemented the new API.
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            Virusscan enterprise 8.5.0.i, engine 5301.4018 and latest DAT, running on Vista Enterprise SP1.

            It's clear for us that is indeed caused by the fact the intial grace period wasn't respected by MS, but however, I wonder why (almost) no AV is ready for the new API. I would expect that a major one, like McAfee did already have an updated engine ready...
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              Here's the grace period extension patch:
              http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/onecareupdate/thread/20a293d6-bd36-4a33 -babf-f5522cf4fa39

              What actually fixes this permanently? A patch or engine update for VS?
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                So it appears to that the GracePeriod extension Tool will only prevent the warning in the security center for few more months.
                I have 2 questions :
                1. Does any one have an idea when McAfee officially plans to fix this security center API issue?
                2. Even though we get this warning message in the Action Center, will this affect the functionality of the Antivirus in any way?

                Note :
                I am using Windows 7 RC Build 7100.
                Installed VSE 8.7.0i
                The Antivirus installs fine without any issues and works fine (it has not crashed at any point).

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                  I am running VSE 8.7i with Patch 1 on Windows 7 RC 7100. Have not seen any issues with the security center under Windows 7. Are you running Patch 1? Also be aware that McAfee is not fully supporting Windows 7 until Patch 2 is released for VSE 8.7i.
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                    any idea when patch 2 will be released?
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                      Considering that Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 have both been officially released to Corporate customers, and that McAfee's products mentioned here are supposedly for corporate users, McAfee should get their skates on and issue an update NOW.


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                        8.5i Patch 8 with HF472021 still not fixed, see http://community.mcafee.com/message/99810#99810 "VSE 8.5i P8 on Vista SP2 causing Windows Security Center warning due to old API" and William Warren's reply verifying this bug.


                        8.7i Patch 2 Repost seems to fix issue per this response by Rsteven1 under: http://community.mcafee.com/message/99434#99434 "Re: AutoUpdate not working on Windows 2008 R2 (no EPO)"

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                          VSE 8.5i does not have a solution to the WSC changes.

                          VSE 8.7i does, with the patch 2 release.


                          McAfee has no plans to make changes for the 8.5i release, though it would be considered if we decide on releasing a Patch 9.

                          If a fix is needed for 8.5i and 8.7i Patch 2 isn't an option, I suggest contacting Support.