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    Creating a WIFI Profile with WPA2 Enterprise

      Hi EMM communitiy,


      I installed EMM (version 10.1.1) in a dual mode option and everything works fine.


      But i can't found out, how to configure a WIFI profile which fits our needs.


      What do we need:

      • We want to use one user and password for all mobile devices in our managed Wifi environment.
      • The profile (with username and password) should be pushed through EMM.
      • We want to change the password every month.
      • The WIFI SID is marked as "hidden network"
      • The "Auto join" function is enabled


      Here my questions:

      • How can I manage this with EMM?
      • What is the "Identity certificate"?
      • Can I use the field "outer identity" for the username?
      • I there a detailed information about using WIFI profiles? I only have the product guide documentation.


      Thanks in advance for your help!


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          Looks like you have selected an "Enterprise" option for the security type setting.  Enterprise means PKI.  If you're using a password you want to select the wpa/wpa2 setting and that will get rid of all of those extranious options. 


          And yes the product guide is the most complete place for these settings in emm... The thing is that emm is just providing you with all of the options you would need to connect to any type of network, they don't provide documentation on how to connect to your network.  For that you would need to refer to the documentation for your wifi equipment and in relation to the options you have selected and select the emm options just the same as you do on a PC or iPhone or whatever when you connect it to the network without using emm.


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            Of course I selected an Enterprise option, because we are using the enterprise functionality.


            I'm able to configure WPA/WPA2 Enterprise in the iOS devices with a special username and password with TTLS (MSCHAP V2) and PEAP encryption.

            These options are possible to configure in the "iPhone configuration utility".

            These options are also be able to configure in the iOS devices direct.

            But I can't push these settings via EMM Policies. This is the reason why I'm asking how to configure the enterprise options including username & password.


            For a better understanding I added a PDF with a screenshot of the iPhone and EMM configuration.

            Best will be if both config tools can match the entries.


            EMM doesn't provide all the options I can use directly in the iOS devices and the iPhone config tool.

            If EMM can provide me this settings, everything is fine. But I couldn't find out how 


            Sorry if my english isn't good enough to explain such complex cases.




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              Hi, does no one has an idea?


              I only want to be able configuring the same settings as in the iPhone.

              I can configure WPA/WPA2 Enterprise with username and passcode in the iPhone, but I can't configure the username and passcode in the EMM policies.




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                I guess where I was going with my previous comment was... if you're using a single password for all users anyway, is there a reason you aren't just using WPA2 standard?  I see what your saying about the settings being different.  It appears that McAfee only gives you the options to use certificate based enterprise options.


                2 things:


                1)  Have you tried this?  "Can I use the field "outer identity" for the username?"

                2)  If you're not getting your answers quick enough on the forrums a call to support will usually get your questions answered a bit quicker.

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                  I tried using the field as you mentioned. With this I can configure the username. But the users will be asked for the WIFI passcode

                  But I found a solution right now:


                  For all iOS devices I created a config file with the iPhone configuration utility. This configuration will be deployed as a "MobileConfig" in the "Packages" section. There is only the WIFI settings included into this config.

                  So the users have to go to "recommended Applications" in the EMM App on their iPhone or iPod. Then activate the WIFI mobile config there and ........that's it.

                  If we want to change the passcode for the WIFI, I can write them a mail with something like "We changed our security option for the internal wireless lan. please use this App tomorrow again for getting the new settings"


                  So I have time in finding a smarter solution





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