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    ePO Reporting

      I have an audit question in which they are requesting a list of the last 10 VSE definition updates downloaded.  Why just showing we are current isn't enough, I have no clue.  But is there a way to generate that report from ePO?


      They also want proof that the updates have been going out to all users since 1/1/2012, is there a way to generate that report as well?


      Sorry very new to ePO. 

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          Sad to see that no one has replied to this sooner.


          Your Server Task Log should include records for Repoistory Pull tasks. Dates, times and the content that you downloaded.


          The best way to show DAT version compliance-over-time would be to setup Compliance Events. In short, create a compliance query the displays red/green how many systems are within X number of DAT versions. Then create a Server Task with two steps: one to periodically run the query; and another to create a compliance event with the results. Lastly, build a seconds query that displays those compliance events over the time period in question.


          Note: This compliance data will only help you moving forward. Sadly, ePO can't travel back in time to revel in the glory of how things once were.



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