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    Server update policy and viewing log


      I have to update the assinged policy on our network, and did do this. On any 'normal' client I can open hte McAfee Agent Monitor, and view the logging. And also i can click the button 'Check new Policies'.


      Now i also have 'servers' in our domain, and there the Agent is installed, but you do not see the agent in the system tray. On servers, you see only the virusscanner.


      Now my question is how to force an immediatelly update of the policy on this server? Should i do thing with a command line?


      And how can i see the log on a server the same as I can on a normal pc? (see the agent monitor).

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          You can do it via an "agent wake-up" in ePO. Make sure you tick the 'Force Policy Update' option and do ALL servers ( or every computer in ePO if you really wish) in a few clicks


          if you really want to go around to every computer then from an administrator command prompt you can use the following


          "c:\program files\mcafee\common framework\cmdagent.exe /C"


          "c:\program files (x86)\mcafee\common framework\cmdagent.exe /C"    if your server hass a 64bit OS




          For log files you can access then remotely with


          \\<insert computername here>\C$\Users\All Users\McAfee\Common Framework\DB      for Vista/7/2008


          \\<insert computername here>\C$\documnets and settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\DB       for XP/2003


          http://<insert computer ip here>:8081  for the agent log


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