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    Allow access to 1 port only


      We have a site that some users need to get to that's on port 6666. We have McAfee setup to block IRC communications so in the logs, it shows up that it's blocking IE from going to the url via this port.

      Without allowing all traffic from explorer.exe, does anyone know what's the best way to go about allowing access to this site via this port?

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          For those users who need to connect, have you tried simply UNCHECKING the "Prevent IRC Communications" in the VirusScan Console-Access Protection-Antivirus Standard Protection section? Doing so wouldn't be "allowing all traffic from explorer.exe" but would allow all IRC traffic for ONLY those users which were required to do so.

          Hope this helps.

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            Thanks for the reply!

            I did consider doing this, but I'm just wondering if there's a way to tell it to just allow any communications going to this site.

            It would be nice if there was a way to be a bit more granular with some of the rules at times.
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              There are options to create "User Defined Rules" in the Access Protections section.. One of those new rules options is a "Port Blocking Rule". You could UNCHECK the "Prevent IRC Communications" option, then create a new port blocking rule to allow access to only the one port.. I might involve creating two separate new "User Defined rules".. One blocking all ports below 6666 and another blocking all ports above but it should be workable..

              Then again, it seems like a lot of work.. Your choice..

              Hope this helps.

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                Hi All,


                Just to add on to the post. I am using version 8.7.


                Under Access Protection properties, I wanted to add a new rule to "Allow" the port. But I do not see such options available. It is only showing "Port Blocking Rule". I remember having configure such rules (allowing port) in previous version. Is this feature not available in version 8.7?