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    resiliant trojans: Generic.dx!b2pt and ZeroAccess

      Hello all,

      I've recently been infected with a couple trojans: Generic.dx!b2pt, and ZeroAccess. These viruses keep reappearing upon startup, and it appears that they are being generated by a componant in the Windows system folder. These files are consistantly found in the file path




      and in there are three files, which are:





      Mcafee recognizes two of these files as viruses, and lets me know that the problem has been resolved. Manual deletion of course does nothing either, and the three files reappear upon the next startup.


      I believe the trojans make my internet connection slower, and I cannot seem to establish a consistant connection to any kind of server. Antivirus programs are also being manipulated into keeping certain features like real-time scanning and the firewalls off. I downloaded a Sympantec ZeroAcess rootkit removal tool, but it would not install properly. I downloaded the latest engine and DAT file for Mcafee from the Mcafee Generic.dx!b2pt page, and apparently I have alreadly been running the latest DAT file. Apart from these, I don't recognize any other major symptoms, though I'm trying to be careful about not logging in to any important online account of mine.


      I've tried many many things to get rid of these trojans. the AVG rescue disc didn't find anything, and couldn't complete scans on other occassions. Avast and Malwarebytes have had similar results, if any, as Mcafee. If anyone has any suggestions or insights, please help!


      Thank you

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