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    VSE will not update from McAfee Website




      I am having a problem that I hope one of you can help me with.


      My Client has 2 Terminal servers that have VSE installed which all pc/laptops connect to, to get updates to their AV.


      The problem Ithey are experiencing, is that the terminal servers cannot update their definitions.


      If I logon to a TS and choose to update now it fails and the logs tell me that it is "unable to find a valid repository". Please see Logs attached.


      If I logon to the epo server and change the policy so that the TS's get their updates from the epo server it updates, but

      once I switch it back to getting it's updates from mcafee it fails.


      The update site update.nai.com has been whitelisted on the firewall and I can browse to the update site from the TS's.


      The servers all stopped updating about the same time, which led me to think it may have been a firewall issue.



      Are there ports that need to be open? any suggestions?





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          Hemant Koli

          Hello morello,


          are you using proxy for internet connection????........

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            Hi Hemant


            I made a mistake in stating that pc/laptops connect to the terminal servers for updates, they do not, so that does not matter.

            The 2 Terminal servers will not update from the McAfee update.nai.com website.


            The topology is like this:


            The ePO server is in a seperate domain from the TS's. The ePO server also uses a Agent Handler server.


            I done a test today on one of the TS's by turning off the proxy i Lan connections, but it still did not update.


            There are other clients from other domains running on the ePO server without any issues.


            The TS's are in a sub-group in the system tree that has its policy set to update from McAfee only and update from ePO disabled.

            When I move the servers from this sub-group back to the principal group which is set to update from the ePO server..the TS's will update.


            One other thing when I open the VSE console on the TS and go to - Tools -edit repository settings (I forget the name)... it will not open!


            If I have any more info I will post it here.