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    McAfee AntiVirus Plus:Your Computer is at Risk  what is going on here?

      I need some help quickly


      I just got a message that my subscription is expired ~ Impossible since I purchased and personally installed via disk: McAfee Anti Virus Plus 2012  this year in january or february before the previous disk expired. It has been working until right now.


      I don't remember cancelling any of the old programs when installing the next program. Could this be the problem?  How do you cancell old programs


      Right now I am blocked from seeing any of my information!  (except renew now)


      My last dat was 6749 this morning.


      I ran MVT and it shows:  Virus Scan  McAfee AntiVirus Plus 15.0.302  problem product expired   and Personal Firewall  McAfee Anti Virus Plus 12.0.355  problem product expired.

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