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    Force EERM and excluding device PID


      I am new to Endpoint Encryption Files and Folders, but am competent with using ePO etc.  We have recently started trialing EEFF with EERM and I have a few questions:


      Is it possible to force users to encrypt any USB removable media they plug in using EERM? At present the user can just cancel and is never forced to encrypt.


      To exclude a device one can define PID or VID - what format is this entered? Is it just the number I.e. 0704 or does it have to be prefixed with VID or PID i.e. PID_0704


      We are using EEFF v4.0.1, ePO 4.6.1, MA 4.6, VSE 8.8


      Overall I am very impressed with EERM once one understands it's limitations such FAT32 file store (max file size 4GB).