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    Firewall problem


      Ok, Im still in learning phases of HIPS firewall, but for the life of me I cannot get something to work.  What I would like to accomplish in testing phase is to basically have the firewall turned on but allow all traffic through except for individual things I want to block.  for example I would like to block any communication to a single ip address from any protocol, but all other traffic is allowed.  So I set up the policy with an allow any/any rule and then a rule to block the individual ip address.  I have verified the policy is applied to the host but i can still ping the ip, go to the ip in a browser, telnet to it, etc.  Can anyone give me some advice as to what is happening?  Here are some screenshots


      Image 1 is my rule to block any communication to an IP

      image 1.png

      Image 2 is the rule to allow all other communication


      image 2.png