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    Uninstalling old antivirus software

      Hi. I can't find any documentation on this. Does Mcafee automatically uninstall other antivirus software during install? We are upgrading all our systems with Mcafee. Currently, all systems have Trend Micro installed on them. When we upgraded from Norton to Trend Micro, Trend Micro automatically uninstalled Norton. Does Mcafee do this as well? If it does, its not uninstalling TrendMicro. What could be the issue? I'm using EPO 4.0 to push out Mcafee agent 4.0 and Viruscan 8.7. Thanks. :confused:
        • 1. Uninstalled by McAfee products
          Yes, during installation of Virusscan, installer launch deinstallation procedure and tries to remove certain security products from other vendors or old versions of McAfee.
          Full list available in file "uninst.ini" from VirusScan package.
          • 2. Old software uninstall successful, as long as the old software is not pw protected.

            Like others quoted, the software list is pretty extensive, but I am sure some minor (by that I mean market share, not technology) are not included.

            Trend Micro is included, but I had this problem at a customer site, which was not functioning correctly under Trend Micro (due to expired licenses and neglect by the previous IT Support organization). Since I was 'replacing' my competition, at my customers request, the old organization was not helpful (to say the least) with providing any passwords, so that I could remove Trend Micro correctly. This led to my needing to hack it out based on ideas provided by Trend Micro's forums. This was a manual, PC to PC, hands-on operation.

            So, yes, the uninstall does work under default and non-password protected modes.

            I would suggest replicating a PC or two and testing this process before trying this out on multiple production systems. Otherwise, you may have a few very long days . . .

            Hope this was helpful, and good luck. Let us know how things work out.
            Ron Metzger
            • 3. RE: Old software uninstall successful, as long as the old software is not pw protected.

              Thanks for the info Ron. I'll try to remove the uninstall password from the Trend configuration to see if that helps.