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    Alarm generation


      Hi all,


      I´m new and this is my first question in the forum. I hope somebody can help me.

      ¿Is there a way to create an alarm when a determinate kind of files are created in a specified location? I´ve been told it is possible by implementing an automated search based on an AV on access scan but I couldn´t find the way.

      Could somebody show or point me in the right direction about how to do it?



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          Under the access protection policy create a new 'File/Folder blocking rule' in the 'user-defined rules'. Choose your action read access, write access, file creation etc and choose whether you want to block, report or both.


          I've also seen it done with a PUP (potentially unwanted program) user defined item but that's only by filename and not by location and filename.

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            Hi Tristan,


            thanks for your quick response. There is a threat that creates determinate kind of files on specific folders, files which consist of 1-2 letters and the suffix (e.g. g.exe, g.bat). If those files are created, an alarm should be generated. This is the behaivour I need to recreate and I don´t know how....

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              Is the threat not being detected by VSE itself or is it one of those crafty user installed stealth malware threats?


              Either way.


              1. Go to your policy catalogue in ePO

              2. Find your globally assigned 'Access Proction Policy' i think the default might be something like 'My Default'



              3. Edit the policy and create a new user defined rule


              4. Enter in your folder locations and file details


              According to https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB54812 a wildcard for a single character is ? so to detect g.exe you would enter ?.exe to detect gg.exe it would be ??.exe.



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                Thanks so much. Very handy document. The last question. Will that generate/send an alarm when the file is created? Or will only show up an alarm on the client?

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                  You have the option with the access protection rule to block, report or both.


                  By ticking the block option the client would get an 'access protection' error message box and depending on what option selected in the rule can prevent the file being created.


                  The 'Alert' generated by ticking the 'report' option would be a standard threat event reported to ePO so if you want an instant notification by email then your next step is to start looking at custom queries and automated responses.

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                    Thanks for hour help. Now I´m on the right directión.